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Will I Still Look Masculine If I Get Male Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Kevin Sadati | 03/25/2020

Male rhinoplasty makes improvements to the shape and size of the nose. Learn more about nose reshaping for men and rhinoplasty recovery at our clinic.

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Can Rhinoplasty Make My Nose Smaller?

Dr. Kevin Sadati | 03/11/2020

Learn more about how nose reshaping or a reduction rhinoplasty procedure can give you a smaller, more balanced-looking nose to boost your self-esteem.

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Will Insurance Cover My Rhinoplasty Procedure?

Dr. Kevin Sadati | 03/04/2020

Learn more about possible health insurance coverage and the criteria that surrounds a medical rhinoplasty procedure and what you need to know.

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7 Benefits Of Rhinoplasty Surgery For Men And Women

Dr. Kevin Sadati | 02/26/2020

Discover how a rhinoplasty can benefit you aesthetically, physically, and emotionally and learn more about what to expect from the procedure itself.

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Traditional Rhinoplasty Vs. Ethnic Rhinoplasty – What’s The Difference?

Dr. Kevin Sadati | 02/19/2020

Find out how your ethnicity may impact the details of your rhinoplasty, including how your selection of a plastic surgeon can impact your results.

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What Side Effects Are Associated With Male Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Kevin Sadati | 02/05/2020

Nose surgery may include some undesirable side effects. When scheduling rhinoplasty surgery, being prepared can help give you a smoother recovery.

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Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty Recovery Vs. Surgical Rhinoplasty Recovery

Dr. Kevin Sadati | 01/29/2020

If you are self-conscious about the appearance of your nose, surgical or nonsurgical rhinoplasty can help. Learn about rhinoplasty recovery here.

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What Conditions Are Addressed With Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Kevin Sadati | 01/22/2020

Ethnic rhinoplasty makes improvements to the nose while also preserving your unique heritage. Learn about the benefits of getting an ethnic nose job.

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How You Can Breathe Easier With Rhinoplasty

Dr. Kevin Sadati | 01/08/2020

In addition to the transformative aesthetic benefits of a nose job, patients can also improve their breathing through a rhinoplasty procedure.

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What Are The Benefits of Male Rhinoplasty for Orange County Men?

Dr. Kevin Sadati | 12/26/2019

Rhinoplasty isn’t just for women. More men are enjoying the benefits of this transformative cosmetic procedure and what it brings to their profile.

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Why Should I Consider Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Kevin Sadati | 12/12/2019

Do you want to reshape your nose but stay true to yourself? An ethnic rhinoplasty procedure with the right surgeon might be the right option for you.

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Five Benefits of Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty in Orange County

Dr. Kevin Sadati | 12/05/2019

Nonsurgical rhinoplasty makes small improvements in the shape of the nose through dermal fillers. Learn more about this popular noninvasive treatment.

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The Benefits of Rhinoplasty for Men in Orange County, CA

Dr. Kevin Sadati | 11/16/2019

More men are considering rhinoplasty to reshape their nose and meet their aesthetic goals. Here are the reasons behind the increasing popularity.

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Open or Closed? Which Rhinoplasty Procedure is Right For Me?

Dr. Kevin Sadati | 11/01/2019

Rhinoplasty surgery can give you the nose you want. Learn the difference between the two surgical techniques.

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The Benefits of Rhinoplasty for Men in Orange County, CA

Dr. Kevin Sadati | 10/28/2019

More men are considering rhinoplasty to reshape their nose and meet their aesthetic goals. Here are the reasons behind the increasing popularity.

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The Difference Between A Male and Female Rhinoplasty

Dr. Kevin Sadati | 10/01/2019

Not all rhinoplasty procedures are the same, and that is especially true when it comes to rhinoplasty surgery for men versus women.

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Important FAQ’s To Know About Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Dr. Kevin Sadati | 09/10/2019

Ethnic rhinoplasty has the same aesthetic approach as traditional rhinoplasty with a few important key differences.

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Am I A Candidate for Septoplasty?

Dr. Kevin Sadati | 08/15/2019

Learn more about how to straighten out what is going on with your nose so you can breathe better.

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Looking for A Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon? Important Questions To Ask

Dr. Kevin Sadati | 08/01/2019

Revision surgery for rhinoplasty procedures is not uncommon, but being in the right hands the second time around is key.

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Your Teenager Want Rhinoplasty. How Young Is Too Young?

Dr. Kevin Sadati | 06/15/2019

If you have a teenager who wants a nose job, here is what you need to know so you both are better prepared and can decide if the timing is right.

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I’m Unhappy With My Nose, But I Don’t Want Surgery. What Are My Options?

Dr. Kevin Sadati | 05/20/2019

An alternative option to liking your nose

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Ethnic Rhinoplasty: Why Surgeon Skill Matters

Dr. Kevin Sadati | 05/09/2019

Staying true to yourself…

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I Had Rhinoplasty And It Didn't Turn Out Right...Now What?

Dr. Kevin Sadati | 04/21/2019

A revision in some cases is necessary.

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Understanding When The Time Is Right To Get A Nose Job

Dr. Kevin Sadati | 03/29/2019

Are you ready to get the nose you always wanted?

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How Does a Non Surgical Rhinoplasty work

Dr. Kevin Sadati | 03/15/2018

A non-surgical rhinoplasty (nose job) can provide patients with the nose they have always wanted, without the need for surgery.

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The 5 Symptoms Of A Deviated Septum

Dr. Kevin Sadati | 02/01/2018

Dr. Kevin Sadati has over a decade of experience in the field of nose, sinus and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.

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Korean Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Dr. Kevin Sadati | 01/15/2018

As the popularity of cosmetic surgery begins to rise in South Korea, people of Korean descent in the United States continue to look into their own eth

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How To Get Natural Looking Facelift Results

Dr. Kevin Sadati | 11/15/2017

Have you considered a facelift, but worry about the unnatural and often ‘pulled’ look?

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The Top Reasons Patients Seek Rhinoplasty Revision

Dr. Kevin Sadati | 09/01/2017

Dr. Kevin Sadati has found that tip asymmetry is the most common issue for patients seeking revision rhinoplasty.

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The Benefits Of Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

Dr. Kevin Sadati | 06/01/2017

The nose plays a vital role in the overall look of the face and can deeply affect a person’s self-confidence.

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Top Reasons For Rhinoplasty Surgery

Dr. Kevin Sadati | 02/01/2017

Rhinoplasty, also known as nose reshaping surgery, is performed to improve the look and function of a patient’s nose.

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What is Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Kevin Sadati | 12/15/2016

he nose is considered the anchor of the face. When it is aesthetically proportionate, the nose will balance the other facial features and create a ple

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Rhinoplasty Defined And Explained

Dr. Kevin Sadati | 10/15/2016

Rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as a nose job, is a specialized cosmetic procedure which can adjust the size, shape and even position of your nose.

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The History Of Rhinoplasty

Dr. Kevin Sadati | 09/01/2016

Rhinoplasty, more commonly known as a “nose job,” is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is meant to correct and/or reconstruct the nose.

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The Difference Between Rhinoplasty & Septoplasty

Dr. Kevin Sadati | 08/15/2016


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