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EYE TREATMENTS in Newport Beach

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The eyes are the most expressive part of the face. Tired, aging eyes draw attention to features that make you look older, such as heavy eyelids, eye wrinkles, dark circles, and flat cheekbones. With both surgical and nonsurgical Newport Beach eye treatments, you can awaken to fresh, youthful eyes every morning.

  • Under-eye bags 
  • Drooping eyelids
  • Flattened cheekbones
  • Fine lines at the corners of the eyes ("crow's feet”)
  • Dark circles under the eyes

Beautiful eyes are our specialty. Learn about the most effective treatments for eye rejuvenation.


Botox is Dr. Sadati’s first line of treatment for crow’s feet. These expression lines around the eyes are among the first signs of facial aging.

Highly effective and nearly painless, Botox for crow’s feet boasts results that can last 3-6 months on average. Botox temporarily relaxes the muscles around the eyes, causing the skin to relax along with it. It is perfect for quickly refreshing the eye area, smoothing wrinkles in just 4-10 days after the procedure. Botox is the world’s #1 most popular cosmetic injectable for a reason.


Heavy upper eyelids, sagging eye skin, and dark circles can be fixed with an eye lift. Eyelid surgery, known medically as blepharoplasty, corrects droopy eyelids and bags under the eyes by removing excess skin, fat, and/or muscle for eyes that look well-rested at any age.

Dr. Sadati employs a careful approach when working on his patient’s eyes, carefully sculpting and shaping the area to improve droopy lids. Whether you require upper eyelid blepharoplasty or lower lid blepharoplasty, he can rejuvenate your eyes with the fine-tuned skills only an experienced facial plastic surgeon can offer.


As gravity and aging take a toll on the fat pads under the eyes, you’ll notice the cheekbones start to flatten. Dr. Sadati loves using Juvederm Voluma for cheek augmentation.

This injectable dermal filler quickly restores lost facial volume with gentle, smooth hyaluronic acid — a natural ingredient that is abundant in human skin. Juvederm Voluma results are instant and can last 1-2 years on average.

eye treatment patient model with earrings on


Radiesse is an aqueous gel that is similar to Juvederm, except the main ingredient is calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres rather than hyaluronic acid. Like most dermal fillers, Radiesse results are instant.

Dr. Sadati’s patients are amazed to look in the mirror to see firmer, more youthful skin with diminished wrinkles immediately after the procedure. Radiesse also triggers natural collagen production in the skin. Collagen is the building block for strong, youthful skin. Similar to Juvederm, the results last 12-18 months on average.


This non-invasive alternative to eyelift surgery is the most effective way to improve hooded eyes and sagging eyelids without going under the knife. The “plasma eye lift” has permanent results without the downtime or expense of blepharoplasty.

Plasma pen directs electrostatic energy into the skin using a handheld probe on the skin surface, with no cutting required. This tightens the skin for a beautiful lifting effect that abates sagging skin, eye wrinkles, and under-eye bags. Most patients see results in just 8 weeks. The results only get better with time. Similar to eyelid surgery, the results are permanent!


For patients with aging eyes and sagging skin on the face and jawline, a facelift is the most permanent solution. Tightening the skin by pulling it toward the hairline has an incredible skin tightening effect. A facelift not only improves the cheek and hollow under eye area to a degree, but it also improves a sagging neck, double chin, jowls, and smile lines in one procedure.

After examining your eye area and face, Dr. Sadati may recommend a brow lift in conjunction with a facelift if he believes it will produce a better result. Modern facelifts have carefully hidden incisions and natural-looking results.

Our patients walk away looking totally refreshed, taking at least a decade off their appearance. As an award-winning surgeon with board certification, Dr. Sadati is the Orange County facelift expert you can trust for a natural result.


Newport Beach’s best-kept secret for beautiful eyes is Dr. Kevin Sadati, DO, one of Orange County’s most sought-after plastic surgeons.

If you're looking to regain a more youthful look with our eye treatments Newport Beach facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Kevin Sadati, has the training, know-how, and experience to achieve the results you're looking for. Book a private consultation with Dr. Sadati today to rejuvenate your eyes with customized treatments tailored to your needs.

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