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SMILE LINES in Newport Beach

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Wrinkles around the mouth and eyes are nothing to smile about. A lifetime of happy memories can permanently crease the skin around the mouth and tear trough area. We want you to smile with confidence. Dr. Sadati’s customizable Newport Beach smile line treatments are designed to address the following concerns so his patients can enjoy a more youthful and fresh appearance:

  • Smile lines (laugh lines, nasolabial folds)
  • Hollow tear troughs
  • Marionette lines (puppet lines)

We have 4 treatments to improve smile lines. Learn about these four incredible ways to achieve a more youthful face.


Botox is ideal for dynamic wrinkles, also known as expression lines. The mouth is one of the most expressive parts of the face.

Botox for smile lines works by relaxing the muscles around the mouth. It works best for early wrinkles that have not yet been etched into the skin. Dr. Sadati can also use Botox to help lift drooping mouth corners for a more youthful expression when the face is relaxed.

smile lines treatment patient model wearing earrings


Facial rejuvenation is fast and easy with dermal fillers. With instant results and zero downtime, it comes as no surprise that Juvederm and Restylane are among the most requested in-office cosmetic procedures for anti-aging. These fillers can greatly improve the tear trough area, marionette lines, smile lines, and so much more.

While both brands contain the same ingredient (hyaluronic acid), there are differences between them. One of the most important distinctions is how long each filler lasts. Generally speaking, Restylane does not last as long as Juvederm. For patients that are new to dermal fillers, that is a benefit, as it allows you to trial injectables without the long term commitment. Restylane may last 6 to 9 months depending on the area that is treated and the type of Restylane selected. Juvederm may last 1 to 2 years respectively.

Additional Reading

There are many products in the Restylane and Juvederm family. All are hyaluronic acid gels with varying smoothness and gel consistency. Different products are suitable for different areas of the face. For example, the delicate, thin skin on the tear trough area may require a smooth consistency gel, while nasolabial folds may require more support from a firmer HA gel. Dr. Sadati will be glad to suggest the appropriate type and amount of product needed to achieve your desired result.


A non-surgical facelift uses dermal fillers to plump the skin and fill wrinkles on various parts of the face. Unlike a surgical facelift, there are no incisions or sutures needed to see dramatic results.

A liquid facelift is a convenient, fast way to tighten sagging skin and remarkably improve deep wrinkles. It works beautifully for treating smile lines, orbital hollows, and marionette lines, along with any other areas of the face with static wrinkles. The beauty of the liquid facelift is it is fully customizable for the areas that you need correction. It is also more affordable than facelift surgery and has no downtime, very minimal discomfort, and immediate results that last 1-2 years depending on the type of filler and placement.


For patients with advanced signs of facial aging, it may be time to consider a facelift. A facelift is the most permanent solution for smile lines. It can also address mouth wrinkles, jawline sagging, and eye wrinkles in one procedure.

Today’s facelifts have come a long way from those of the past. Techniques have evolved considerably to allow patients to look fresh, youthful, and well-rested without any obvious signs of having work done. In fact, the endoscopic facelift delivers results that look so natural, it can be hard for anyone without a trained eye to spot the hidden incisions above and behind the ears once they have healed fully.

As an award-winning facial surgeon, Dr. Sadati is among the best Newport Beach plastic surgeons for facelift surgery. His modern facelift technique will tighten skin, lift sagging jowls, and pull the corners of the mouth back toward the hairline to smooth smile lines. Modern facelifts have a faster recovery time than ever. The average facelift downtime is just 2-3 weeks, even less for a mini facelift. Above all, the results look completely natural.


We make treating smile lines easy. Dr. Kevin Sadati, DO masters the art of facial anatomy with advanced training in the latest cosmetic injectables and facial rejuvenation treatments to help our Orange County clientele look their very best. Our private, luxurious facilities welcome you. If you're interested in turning back the clock with our smile lines treatment Newport Beach facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Kevin Sadati, has the training and experience to help you achieve your cosmetic goals. Call us today to schedule a consultation!

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