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Your Teenager Wants Rhinoplasty - How Young Is Too Young?

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Rhinoplasty cosmetic surgery is one of the most popular procedures performed in the United States. The nose is the central focus of the face and these days, who is more worried about how they look than a teenager. When there is an aspect about the nose a boy or girl is self-conscious about, it can have a significant impact on their self-confidence. Rhinoplasty surgery, also known as a nose job, can be the right solution for a teenager to have a more attractive nose - but what is the right age?

Board-certified Newport Beach plastic surgeon, Dr. Kevin Sadati, is one the leading facial cosmetic and reconstruction surgeons in the Orange County/LA area. He has extensive experience in rhinoplasty procedures with adults and teenagers and can give you sound advice and excellent surgical care if you have a son or daughter contemplating this type of procedure. Timing and professional care are the most important factors to consider if your teenager is wanting to fix an aspect about their nose so they can feel better about how they look. Here is some helpful information on teenagers and rhinoplasty surgery to better inform you if moving forward with this surgical procedure is the right step.

Teens and their appearance

We all know that a teen's physical appearance plays a key role in their life during those formative years. Confidence, self-esteem, and feeling comfortable with how they look are all important factors to a teenager. Teens who are emotionally ready and mature about physically changing an aspect with their face can consider rhinoplasty surgery especially if performed by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Sadati. But when is the right age?

When is the right age for a teenager?

The main thing to consider with teenagers who are wanting to undergo rhinoplasty surgery is to make certain their facial features are done developing. Fixing an aspect about the nose before it is done growing or developing can be counterproductive and may even make the nose appear unnatural or asymmetrical. A teenager's nose typically finishes developing in their mid-teen years. Girls are typically done around age 14-15 while boys are a bit later, around 16-17 years old. An experienced plastic surgeon, like Dr. Sadati, can determine if your teenager's nose is fully done developing in order to ensure that the procedure will yield the best results.

Teenage cosmetic help

Rhinoplasty or nose reshaping procedures should always be performed after the nose is fully developed. This can also help eliminate any rhinoplasty revisions done in the future. A rhinoplasty procedure can also help improve any structural defects such as a deviated septum. Common cosmetic abnormalities for teens, as well as adults, when it comes to the appearance of their nose are crookedness, a bump or hump on the bridge, disproportionate size nose or nostrils, and any changes needed to the nasal tip.

Is your teenager ready?

As with any cosmetic surgery, timing is everything. If your teenager is done developing and is emotionally mature to handle surgery, and they have vocalized their desire to fix something about their nose, then they are ready. Social situations are already tough as a teenager in Southern California, so if they are struggling with an aspect of their nose that makes them uncomfortable or is impacting their self-esteem, then a rhinoplasty procedure can help improve the aesthetics of their nose while boosting their self-confidence.

Surgical care for your teenager

If you and your teenager have made the big decision to move forward with their rhinoplasty procedure, then finding the right plastic surgeon is key. The nose is a complex, small target area made up of cartilage, ligaments, bones, and soft tissues. During the procedure, an experienced plastic surgeon will resize, reshape, and configure all these components to create beautiful results. A plastic surgeon must have a creative touch as well as extensive experience in this particular procedure to give patients the most natural-looking results. Teens in Orange County and the Southern California area can turn to facial cosmetic expert, Dr. Kevin Sadati, to give them the nose he or she desires. Voted “Best Cosmetic Surgeon of Orange County”, board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Sadati, has over a decade of surgical experience with rhinoplasty procedures, making him a top choice for your son or daughter's rhinoplasty experience.

Long-lasting results

Your teenager can love their rhinoplasty results for years. This permanent solution is the right step if your teen is fully developed and emotionally ready to make a change to their nose. If your teenager is considering rhinoplasty for all the right reasons, then getting them the right qualified, expert help is a step in the right direction. Don't let your teenage son or daughter suffer any longer with an aspect of their nose they truly dislike. There are multiple options for Orange County teens to correct or change their nose so they can feel better about how they look!

Knowing when the time is right to help your teenager consider rhinoplasty is a big decision for parents. Making sure they are mentally and physically ready as well as in the right surgical hands will benefit your teenager in the long run. Dr. Kevin Sadati is able to sculpt and create amazing results for your teenager. We invite you to call or schedule a facial plastic surgery consultation with your teenager so Dr. Sadati can assess what they want to fix and make sure they are ready for this important change.

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