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Newport Beach Facelift, Necklift, Buccal Fat Removal & Upper Eyelid Surgery Video Testimonial & Results


Hi, my name is Dr. Linda. I'm 65 years old and I had a lower facelift. I had buccal fat removal from my cheek. I had laser across my lip, laser underneath my eyelids and I had eyelid surgery as well. I found Dr. Sadati online, I did research for almost a year and I'm in the Los Angeles area I didn't want to look like a Beverly Hills model and I didn't want to look like one of the sheep because all the women look alike. And when I found Dr. Sadati and I looked at the before and after pictures, I found that everybody looks like themselves and that's when I booked the session to come for a consultation. I knew I'd found the right doctor.

My consultation with Dr. Sadati was a two and a half hour visit. He was thorough, with his three part procedures on how he organizes the questions and the answers. He covers everything from even don't dye my hair for a month because the little scar will turn into a tattoo to what time will come out of the anesthesia. And he was right. He said, ten o'clock I came out at nine o'clock at night and he said I could drive on a Thursday I finally felt comfortable on Friday. He's very organized. He knows his work and he knows the timing on what to expect. He's immaculate, he's brilliant, he's fabulous.

My surgery was on a Monday morning, Christmas Eve actually at 7:00 AM and I was done about 12:00 or 12:30. I was put under with a Twilight anesthesia and from the moment I woke up to, even today, now eight weeks, nine weeks later I've had no pain. There's been minimal discomfort. It looked worse because of the bruising, but I didn't feel pain. There's a tingling and a numbness still under my neck, which I know I'll take time to heal, but never pain or anything to even write home about or complain about. It was just I slept and I got on with my life. Two weeks later I was at work.

You want to know if I'm happy with the results? I'm ecstatic with the results. I'm thrilled. I look like me when I was younger. Nobody can tell I had work done. One of the biggest compliments was from a friend of mine in the entertainment industry who works with a lot of celebrities. And she said it was the best facelift she'd ever seen because it's the most natural looking. Most people take a double look, double-take and they know it's me, but they can't always figure out what happened is I'll tell them. I'm not ashamed, I'm thrilled and I'm waiting for the rest of the swelling to go down because it's only going to get better. But I love my eyes, especially my eyes.

What makes Dr. Sadati unique is he's an artist, he's patient, he's talented, he's intelligent to the point where no matter what you ask, he has the answer. But he's humble. He doesn't have the righteous attitude that I met with some of the doctors in Beverly Hills and Chino, the Marina. I went through it. He cares, he's sensitive. The fact that he has an artistic background as well as a surgical medical background was very impressive because of the detail, the orientation. He's just a very unique human being. And I know he cares about his patients and his work.

I recommend Dr. Sadati to everybody. I think I've given out his number or the website to at least 12 people who said, "Yeah, when I'm ready, when I'm ready." Two of my friends are coming in, in another month they're already on the book and they had already heard about Dr. Sadati and I just verified it for them and I can't recommend him enough. I would not go any place else for plastic surgery, especially the face, which is what people look at first. So I'm grateful and I'm very, very fortunate.

One of the selling points, Janet Latino help comfort me with my anxieties and my fears and my questions and then there were a few issues about who was going to take care of me. Everything worked out with my friends, rides, after care, the whole staff, Maria and all the others, they have a heart of gold. They take care of everybody, there's no attitude here and there's no pretentiousness here. There is a safe embracement I don't know how else to explain it. I just feel well taken care of, well provided for, and it was worth every cent.