Facelift Surgery Orange County | Patient Testimonial | Dr Kevin Sadati

Face & Necklift Procedure | Patient Testimonial


Hi, my name is Wendy. I had a lower neck lift and a lower facelift seven days ago. Right? Seven days ago, amazing. I found Dr. Sadati because my girlfriend had the surgery and I saw her seven days post op and thought, "Wow." She looked amazing. Her neck, made her look 20 years younger. So I decided I think I needed to do it too.

I'm going to be honest with you, with the consultation, it made me a little emotional. I met Dr. Sadati and his bedside manner and I truly felt his heart. I'm sorry, but it's exactly how I felt. The moment I met him, he's comforting, he asked me what was important to me. He did... He wasn't a surgeon that cared about the money. He cared about my heart and how I felt. So right away from the consultation, I knew he was the doctor.

I felt his bedside manner was amazing and I just had to be with him. And seven days later, I'm still so happy. Sorry. I have to tell you from the moment I came here with the heartfelt Dr. Sadati and his staff, I felt so compelled that this was the place that was going to make my new look, give me a new neck and make me get rid of this hereditary thing that really bothered me. Plastic surgery is something that you got to do for yourself. So when I met the staff, I felt super secure. They went through every single step of the way. I did everything they told me, what medicines they told me to take, what natural things they told me to take. They had a certain process, follow the process, it works.

Secondly, I showed up at the surgery center and I think I walked in, I hugged Jessica. It's like family, the whole staff, and you just knew right away I was going to be in good hands, and I didn't go under any anesthesia. That's huge for someone over 50 because you do have to take an echocardiogram when you go under anesthesia. This was done under twilight. I took no pain pills. No... I'm serious, I've been on Tylenol and this is day seven. I did no pain meds and no anesthesia, he's amazing. I can't even... I can't thank the staff and Dr. Sadati enough. I'm so happy seven days after, amazing.

Anytime you do a surgery, I have never done anything to my face. I was nervous. I'm going to be honest. I thought, am I going to look the same? Am I going to be afraid? The first day I took the wrap off, I thought I looked kind of funny and that's just me being hard on myself like we are as women, right? The second day when I took the wrap off and I touched up the makeup a little bit and put a little mascara on, I thought, "Oh my gosh," day two, I looked that good. I can't even tell you. This is seven days later and I did a training last night for my team and I was on camera as well. No one knew a thing, so amazing, seven days later. I feel a little tightness. I will tell you it's a little stiff and a little tight, but Tylenol and that's it. I would recommend this to everyone. I want all my friends to do this now.