Septorhinoplasty Surgery Orange County

Septorhinoplasty Surgery Orange County


Hi. My name is Faby. I am 46 years old, and I had the Septorhinoplasty two months ago, July 9th. I found Dr. Sadati online. I was doing research. I had problems with my breathing, and I didn't like the appearance of my nose. I started doing research online, and I found Dr. Sadati. I came in for a consultation to find out what procedure would be beneficial, or if he would be able to help me. When I came in for my consultation, I was very pleased with what he showed me, and what he explained to me. He ... What details, how the procedure was going to be done on my consultation. He gave me two days to think about it. I called him back the same day to schedule my appointment. 

My procedure went by really fast. I'll be honest, I was very nervous. But, when I came in to have my procedure done, the nurses, Dr. Sadati made me feel very comfortable. I just remember waking up, and I was already done. It was just so fast, and it wasn't painful at all. I didn't feel any pain. I was just very pleased with how I was taken care of. 

The recovery, after they took off my bandages, which was a week after, I kind of noticed my nose. It looked a lot different. I was excited to see that I had a beautiful nose. What made Dr. Sadati unique from all the other doctors was that he was very honest, and he was very thorough with his explanations on the procedures he was going to do. Going on the reviews, and listening to the reviews, and just hearing positive things. Everybody being very happy with his reviews, and I was convinced. I just felt very comfortable, him talking to me, explaining to me everything. 

I would recommend Dr. Sadati to any friends or family. Just the fact that he is very caring, he's very informative, as long as you follow what he has asked you to do to take care of yourself. It's never too late. If you're young, or you're old, I did my procedure as an adult and I'm very pleased. I don't regret doing it later. Very happy, and just follow what Dr. Sadati. He's very caring, like I said. Very informative, and he just shares a lot of ... Any questions you have, he leaves the door open, gives you his number to call him at any time, email him. Even the secretaries, they're very ... And the nurses, they're very caring and very, they make you feel comfort that you're not going to just not reach out to them.