Lower Face and Neck Lift Before and After Testimonial


A traditional facelift is an invasive surgical procedure requiring a lengthy incision along the hairline, beginning near the temples, continuing around the ear and ending near the lower scalp. Performed under general anesthesia and intravenous sedation, it is associated with increased complications, a substantial recovery period and less natural results. For these reasons, Orange County Facelift surgeon Dr. Sadati does not perform traditional facelifts at the Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery. Rather, Dr. Sadati performs the natural facelift, also known as the Double C Plication technique. Newport Beach Facelift surgeon Dr. Sadati developed this approach in response to many of his patients requesting more discreet and natural-looking facelift results than are possible with a traditional facelift. A popular procedure for discerning individuals, natural facelift patients don’t look as though they’ve had work done – they simply appear ten to fifteen years younger.


My name is Norma. I'm 57 years old, and I had a lower face lift with also a neck lift in late December 2016. I decided to do this procedure because even though this part of my face looked really young, here I had skin just hanging from everywhere, and I just felt very conscientious about it. And I also had ... Afraid because I keloid and my skin just tends to get really thick scars, and so I was also worried about that. Now, through the internet, I discovered Dr. Sadati,  I did various searches for different doctors and no one stood out more than Dr. Sadati. His results were amazing and when I came to the consultation, his staff was just beautiful. Everyone is super nice and they make you feel at home, like you're part of the family. 

And Dr. Sadati was just so confident that the results that I could have, and I really appreciated that and he was very honest. And the results have really ... They're really beyond my expectations. And I would recommend Dr. Sadati to anyone who wants a youthful appearance without looking pulled back. I wouldn't think of anybody else doing this procedure. He is amazing. My scars are nonexistent, which was my big concern, and I just feel like I'm 15 years younger, and I feel a lot more happier and confident because of Dr. Sadati work, and I'm looking forward to having more procedures because now I'm part of the family with Dr. Sadati and I just feel very at home here. 

So if you're considering a surgery that will make you look youthful without being pulled back and having that unnatural effect, the only person I would go to is Dr. Sadati. I totally trust him and I highly, highly recommend him. Thank you.