Non Surgical Nose Job Newport Beach | Dr Kevin Sadati

 Not liking your nose can make you feel extremely self-conscious, especially in a body-conscious location like Orange County and Southern California. Since your nose occupies such a prominent position on your face, an unattractive nose can detract from your other features and erode your self-confidence. Many of our patients have been unhappy with their noses since childhood, yet don’t have the time or resources to undergo a surgical rhinoplasty. They are excited to learn that non-surgical nose job is an option that can transform the appearance of their nose – without surgery and in less than an hour! Non-surgical rhinoplasties are performed using injectable fillers. Skillfully placed injections can make the bridge of your nose appear thinner, change the shape of the tip, and make the nostrils more symmetrical. Your nose will appear more in balance, which brings it into harmony with the rest of your facial features.