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Septorhinoplasty in Newport Beach

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Dr. Sadati works closely with his patients in California and visitors traveling from all over the world who come to see him for cosmetic enhancements and plastic surgery.

Dr. Sadati is a top-rated Newport Beach facial plastic surgeon who has a delicate eye and a passion for art and sculpting, which gives him a unique approach to plastic surgery. Additionally, Dr. Sadati is skilled in techniques and plastic surgery procedures that can help to correct functionality and structural issues, such as with the nose. He is a board-certified ENT and Facial Plastic Surgeon.

Some patients may have difficulty breathing or issues with the septum or bridge of their nose. A nose job, or a rhinoplasty, is often the first thing people think of when they consider facial surgery involving the nose, but there are actually many forms of nasal plastic surgery. Depending on the patient’s unique needs and concerns, the approach and type of surgery may vary.

septorhinoplasty patient model in a lacey white top and sunhat

What is Septoplasty?

One of the most popular forms of nasal surgery, aside from the well-known rhinoplasty or nose job, is the septoplasty. This procedure focuses on the cartilage between the nostrils, known as the septum, to help address any functionality issues, such as breathing issues or a deviated septum.

Most commonly a septoplasty is reserved for patients who have a deviated septum, but it may sometimes be combined with rhinoplasty techniques to help deliver an overall more aesthetically pleasing and harmonious result with better breathing function.

In many instances, septoplasty is combined with rhinoplasty to help correct breathing difficulties and straighten the bridge and nostrils, if necessary. When this type of nose job is performed, it may be called a septorhinoplasty. Dr. Sadati believes that providing these types of customizable treatments is the best way to deliver a higher standard of care and attention to his patients.

Why Choose Dr. Sadati for Nasal Surgery?

Dr. Sadati is based in the Newport Beach area and welcomes patients from the surrounding communities in Orange County, like Huntington Beach and Laguna Beach. We also welcome visitors from all over California, the US, and countries around the world.

Dr. Sadati uses unique techniques and carefully designed methodologies to achieve incredible results with facial plastic surgery. He combines his excellent surgical understanding with his artistic abilities to create beautiful, natural-looking results for every patient individually.

Named “Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Orange County” for five years and counting, Dr. Sadati’s expertise is highly sought after.

Who Should Get a Septorhinoplasty?

Our Newport Beach septorhinoplasty procedure combines two common nasal surgeries to help deliver a customized result that is both corrective and aesthetically enhancing.

Because a deviated septum or issues concerning this area often stem from a crooked bridge or the area being impacted by something, undergoing rhinoplasty can help to ensure the final result is both functional and helps to compliment your facial structure. The procedure is recommended to anyone who may have difficulty breathing, a deviated septum, or a crooked nasal structure due to genetics or damage. A septorhinoplasty may be ideal for patients who may have suffered some type of nasal trauma such as a sports injury or an accident that resulted in a broken or fractured nose. This will help to correct the issue internally while helping to deliver a more harmonious profile externally.

How Long is Recovery After Nasal Surgery?

The recovery process following nasal surgery is generally two weeks for swelling and inflammation, with up to a year before patients see the full results.

Generally, the first few days are the most difficult, when patients will be advised to sleep upright and avoid sneezing, coughing, or blowing their nose. A splint must be worn to help guide the healing process and ensure the nose straightens the way it is desired. Ultimately, the recovery process will vary for each patient, but it can be expected for the majority of results to be seen within the first several weeks to months, with minimal swelling slowly dissipating over time.

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If you'd like to find out if you'd make a good candidate for our septorhinoplasty Newport Beach facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Kevin Sadati, can address that and any other questions you may have during a consultation. Call us to schedule one today!

The septorhinoplasty procedure is excellent for anyone who needs to correct nasal issues but would also like to take the opportunity to correct any imperfections or defects they might not like. Talking to a surgeon like Dr. Sadati is an excellent place to start, and he can help answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. Contact us today to get started!

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Clients from around the globe travel to see Dr. Sadati for his surgical expertise. He and his surgical team provide the highest standard of patient care, from the initial consultation, to complete recovery and conclusion of your care. Our friendly staff is available to accommodate you in any way that we can.