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Microneedling Newport Beach, CA

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At our facial plastic surgery center, plastic surgeon, Dr. Kevin Sadati, offers our Newport Beach microneedling to dramatically improve his patients' skin.

Microneedling (also known as collagen induction therapy) is a new innovation in aesthetic medicine that can help treat the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and stretch marks. The Bellus Medical SkinPen® uses a sterile cartridge tip containing tiny needles to create controlled micro-injuries to the skin. This initiates the skin's repair process to naturally produce collagen and elastin, ideal for all skin types.

Results can be enhanced by the application of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), growth factors, kojic acid, and hyaluronic acid. If you are seeking a non-surgical and advanced way to smooth your skin, we invite you call our Orange County office for a free assessment today. We will provide a custom treatment plan that meets your desired goals and aesthetic needs.

microneedling patient model touching her face

Procedure Technique

Prior to the procedure, the treated area will be cleansed and a thin layer of topical gel will be applied to numb the skin. When you come in for your microneedling Newport Beach facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Sadati, or our aesthetician will apply a sterile cartridge tip with 12 microneedles to a handheld device. The device will be pressed gently across the skin, gliding in one direction until the entire area has been treated.

The procedure will result in tiny holes on the skin known as microchannels, which will close almost immediately and trigger a healing response. This results in renewed skin including a thickened dermis, softening the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and scars. The procedure takes around 15-30 minutes.

During/After Treatment

You can expect the treated area to appear bright red, similar to a sunburn, after your treatment. The intensity and duration of the redness are dependent upon the number of passes performed on the treatment area, as well as the particular area treated.

Typically, the redness can last anywhere from 1-7 days. Over the course of a few weeks, you can expect to see a marked improvement in your skin's color, tone, and texture. In addition, there should be a drastic reduction of lines and wrinkles. While some patients benefit from a single treatment, 2-3 treatments are advised to get the best possible results.

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Microneedling can be used on all parts of the body — face, neck, arms, hands, legs, abdomen, and back.

Microneedling feels similar to sandpaper being gently moved across the skin. Topical numbing may be applied prior to your procedure but no anesthesia or medications are necessary.

This is a naturally occurring substance that helps bind water to cells. Its cross-linking abilities help provide lifting capacity, restoring volume in the cheeks and mid-face. Since hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the skin, allergy testing prior to treatment with this dermal filler is not necessary.

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Clients from around the globe travel to see Dr. Sadati for his surgical expertise. He and his surgical team provide the highest standard of patient care, from the initial consultation, to complete recovery and conclusion of your care. Our friendly staff is available to accommodate you in any way that we can.