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Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Sadati is pleased to offer Sculptra to men and women who are seeking nonsurgical facial augmentation. Sculptra is a great treatment option for men and women with moderate to severe lines and wrinkles around their face, temples, chest, knees, elbows, buttocks.   Sculptra injections build your own collagen and results are seen in 6 weeks or less making it the best option for facial hollowing. 

Many of the other dermal fillers consist of hyaluronic acid, while Sculptra is composed of poly-L-lactic acid, which is a synthetic formula that has been FDA approved and widely used for decades. Although results are gradual (occurring over a few weeks), they have been known to last up to 2 years. If Sculptra seems like the right choice for you, call the Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery in Orange County, CA today to schedule a private consultation. During this time, Dr. Sadati will be able to perform a thorough exam and assess your facial contour to determine if this treatment is best for you. 

Administering Sculptra

Sculptra is administered during an in-office appointment that typically takes about 30 minutes. Your injections will be administered by highly trained and experienced Suzanne Rogers, our renowned master injector. The injection treatment, including the dosage and injection site, is tailored during the procedure to address your specific cosmetic needs. The injection is given through a syringe to localized areas on the face. You may feel a small prick as the needle inserts through the skin, but any pain or discomfort can be controlled with a topical anesthetic or numbing injection if desired. For the greatest results, the average patient is recommended to have 2 – 3 injections over a few months.

What to Expect

Immediately following a Sculptra injection, there will be some mild bruising and redness at the injection site. This will subside a few hours after the procedure. You can resume your normal activities after treatment, but exercise should be avoided for a few hours. After the injection, aftercare instructions will be provided to optimize results. The effects of Sculptra will become apparent gradually during the weeks that follow. The outcome will yield a smoother and younger appearance.

Sculptra is injected deeper into the dermis than the other dermal fillers are. To attain optimal results, most of Dr. Sadati’s patients require 2 or 3 vials over the course of several months. 

Sculptra FAQs

Is It Safe?

Sculptra is approved by the FDA and has a long history of safety worldwide since 1999. Sculptra uses poly-L-lactic acid, which the human body naturally produces. Reported side effects include subtle pain, bruising, swelling, redness, and bruising. If small nodules appear beneath the skin, this is common and should not cause concern. These nodules can be eliminated by gently massaging the area for five minutes at a time, several times a day, for 5 days after their treatment. 

Botox or Filler?

Sculptra is different from dermal fillers in that it stimulates the body to repair and produce collagen; thus, triggering the body to restore lost volume from the inside. It is this product's ability to rebuild and repair that sets it apart from other injectables that are used to address the signs of aging.

Sculptra is the only filler that produces long-term gradual results. Injectable fillers help to decrease wrinkles by adding volume to certain facial structures, which creates a smooth result on the surface of the skin. BOTOX, which temporarily freezes the underlying muscle, may offer a result that looks similar but the approach is different. A skilled practitioner, like Dr. Sadati,  will be able to determine which procedure would garner the best results. 

Best Age?

Individuals who wish to soften and decrease facial lines and wrinkles gradually may be candidates for Sculptra. The most common age to receive Sculptra injections is between ages 30 – 55 years; however, the majority of people who reside in Orange County and its surrounding communities are suitable candidates for treatment with Sculptra, even individuals who would like to address changes in the face due to HIV/AIDS may be a good candidate for this treatment.

Where Do I Get Injected?

When determining injection sites, Dr. Sadati uses his artistic vision and experience to locate the ideal sites for injection.? Sculptra is injected directly into the face and helps restore  hollowing at the temples, the contours of the chin and/or cheeks, deep wrinkles at the nasolabial folds, lip volume, sunken in areas around the eyes, as well as facial lipoatrophy (the facial changes that occur as a result of HIV and AIDS). 

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