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Fat deposits tend to make the face appear rounder. Fat deposits also reduce many of the natural curves and angles of a person’s face, which leaves them looking older and heavier. It is unfortunate that these fat deposits cannot typically be reduced through diet or exercise.  

Liposuction of the neck and face is a very specialized procedure that requires both artistic and surgical skill. Liposuction can delicately reduce the size of these age-related fat deposits and create a longer, more youthful-looking profile. When an experienced professional like Dr. Kevin Sadati performs the procedure, the results can be amazing. 

The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery in Orange County, CA offers a wide range of cosmetic facial procedures to create the facial contour you desire. Board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Kevin Sadati is highly skilled in performing neck liposuction to reduce unwanted fat pockets in the neck. This procedure is performed using local anesthesia and twilight sedation without the need for general anesthesia.   

When you visit our practice, Dr. Sadati will perform a thorough assessment of your condition. From there, he will create an individualized treatment plan that may include a neck lift or chin augmentation, or non-surgical fat reduction options. 

Dr. Sadati believes in patient education. He will advise you honestly about whether liposuction will meet your aesthetic goals. He may tell you that another procedure (or combination of procedures) would best meet your needs. He will discuss your surgical plan in detail and answer all of your questions. You will leave the consultation knowing that Dr. Sadati cares about you and wants the best results possible. 

Surgical Technique

The process takes about 30 minutes for the average patient and is performed under local anesthesia and twilight sedation. The fatty tissue is removed using two small incisions that are virtually undetectable after the procedure. Once removed, this fatty tissue is gone forever and the improvements are immediate and life-long. To help speed your recovery, Dr. Sadati will apply Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to the liposuctioned area(s). This is a technique that Dr. Sadati helped to pioneer. PRP can dramatically improve your recovery by reducing swelling and bruising.  This procedure may be a stand-alone procedure, but in most cases, it is used in unison with the neck lift.  After neck liposuction, compression dressing is applied to reduce bruising and swelling. Patients do not experience pain after surgery and discomfort is managed with Tylenol.  

  Neck Lift

In some cases, there is excessive skin laxity that requires either surgical procedure like neck lift or non-surgical devices to tighten the skin. If a neck lift is required, after the fat has been removed from the neck, incisions are made under the chin and behind the ears to allow Dr. Sadati access to the neck muscles. At this time, the muscles will be pulled tight and the overlying excess skin will be removed from the incision behind the ears.  A drain may be placed under the skin to help collect fluid and blood, but this drain is usually removed within 24  hours. If a combination procedure is taking place such as a facelift, the neck lift will most likely occur after the facelift has been completed.  Non-surgical devices like Vivace can also be used to tighten mild to moderate amount of skin laxity.  

neck liposuction RECOVERY

Once your liposuction is finished, neck is wrapped with compression dressing.  We offer refreshments and beverages that include fresh fruit smoothies and a nutritious anti-oxidant drink. As a precaution, your vital signs will be closely monitored and you’ll be discharged only after a thorough post-op review.  Patients who have a combined surgery of neck liposuction and a lift will monitored longer before discharge.  At home, you are encouraged to sleep slightly in a slightly elevated position.  There is minimal discomfort during post operative period that is managed with Tylenol.

The day after your neck liposuction or neck lift, you will return to our Orange County office to have your dressing removed. You’ll be instructed to wear a light compression garment (provided by our office) for three days to help your skin adhere to the underlying tissues. Once the compression garment is removed, you will need to gently massage the area and apply cold compresses. Any discoloration, swelling or tenderness around the incisions should subside within a week. Exterior sutures will be absorbed by your body. 

You may experience mild bruising and/or swelling for the first week. Any discomfort can be effectively managed with Tylenol. We will also provide you with prescription pain medication in case it’s needed. In our experience, most patients are surprised with the ease and comfort of the liposuction.  

Customer service is a key component of our practice, and Dr. Sadati will personally call you to follow up after your surgery. You will be given Dr. Sadati’s 24 hour contact number in case you need assistance outside of business hours. 

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Neck Liposuction FAQs

Will I Have a Scar?

Scarring with neck liposuction is very minimal. The incisions will range from keyhole punch marks to very small lines and usually are not an issue with this procedure.

What About Small Amount of Fat

Neck liposuction removes both small and large amounts of fat. Patients that have a small yet distinct bulge residing just under the chin will benefit greatly from this procedure. The removal of this fatty bulge should be fairly straightforward.  There are also non surgical treatment for small amount fat such as Kybella and coolsculpting that can help patients to achieve good contouring results.

Does the Fat Come Back?

The fat cells removed during neck liposuction do not come back. However, patients who gain weight after surgery are at risk of regaining fat because the remaining cells left behind can expand and become larger. Patients that adhere to a healthy diet and exercise program will continue to see beautiful results years after their surgery.

Cost of Neck Liposuction?

Liposuction of your face and neck is an investment in your self-confidence and is not covered by insurance. Our office is happy to discuss cost and to answer your questions. A personalized cost estimate will be provided as part of your consultation with Dr. Sadati. 

Am I a good Candidate?

You are a neck lift candidate if you are willing to travel to our Orange County office and want a more defined contour to your neck and jawline. The ideal candidate for a facial liposuction will have good skin elasticity, a strong bone structure, and be in good mental and physical health. Since skin elasticity lessens as we age, liposuction generally works best for patients between 20 and 40-years-old. 

You may not be suitable for neck liposuction if you suffer from certain medical conditions. If you do smoke, you’ll be asked to stop for at least three weeks before and after the procedure, as smoking can delay the healing process. 

The best way to determine if you’re a good candidate for a neck lift is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sadati in our Orange County office. 

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