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Facelift for Women in Newport Beach

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As we age, we may also see our skin thinning as well as deeper tissues and facial bone structures go through noticeable changes. As a result, it can throw off your facial contour and distract from your overall appearance.

Because our face is the focal point of our appearance and often the first thing anyone notices, it can be one of the biggest causes of self-esteem concerns or aesthetic issues. Our Newport Beach facelift for women is well-known for its ability to help target common concerns, like signs of aging and rounding in the facial profile. For many women, the goal of a facelift is to help turn back the hands of time and reduce wrinkles, sagging, loose skin, volume loss, and help reduce unwanted imperfections.

These issues can cause them to feel distressed or unhappy when they look in the mirror. Many opt for make-up, beauty products, day spa sessions, and even at-home aesthetic treatments. While these may help to reduce certain issues and cover up blemishes or soften skin, patients who desire more extensive correction might want to consider cosmetic surgery to see more dramatic results.

How Does a Facelift Vary for a Woman?

The overall facial shape and desired look for women and men are generally very different. While this is not necessarily true across the board, we often find that the needs between our male and female patients vary. In general, the aesthetic goals of both patients is very different, and women typically want to see a different outcome or address issues that are more common among them.

In order to help ensure that all of our patients get the best possible treatment option available to them, we have broken down our facelift procedures. Dr. Sadati understands that the techniques used to perform the facelift and how the facial contour is reshaped should be tailored to suit each of his patients individually. Typically, women want to see sharper cheekbones and reverse any facial sagging or drooping. Additionally, signs of aging are of greater concern for women, and achieving a natural-looking result is extremely important. We understand these needs and offer luxe treatment options to help you achieve your desired result.

facelift for women patient model running her fingers through her hair

Who Should Consider a Facelift?

Cosmetic surgery is generally recommended for patients who need more extensive correction than can be achieved with non-surgical or medspa solutions. This is not recommended for anyone who may see the results they desire through injectables or a microneedling treatment. Our facelifts are recommended for women over 30 who are experiencing moderate to severe facial slimming, wrinkling and developing folds, fine lines, and blemishes in their skin. If you'd like to find out if you'd be a good candidate for our facelift for women Newport Beach facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Kevin Sadati, has the knowledge, training, and experience to get you the results you're looking for towards a more reinvigorated and youthful you. Call us today!

Women in their 40s

One of the biggest downfalls of aging is the way our skin starts to change. In our late 20s/early 30s, most women start to create less and less collagen until it starts to deplete over time. While the aging process will be different for everyone, many women in their 40s will have already started to develop noticeable wrinkles, fine lines, and even start seeing shifts in the overall shape of their face. However, in many cases, these issues are somewhat minor and can be corrected with a less extensive version of the facelift, known as a mini facelift.

Women in their 50s

By now, you might have spotted some grays and have a fair amount of wrinkles or fine lines. Crow’s feet, marionette lines, and facial sagging are all common around this age. A traditional facelift can be an excellent way to address some of the most common aging signs in your 50s.

However, in unskilled hands, these can often leave you looking “overdone”. One of Dr. Sadati’s specialties, the SMAS facelift can help you achieve a more natural-looking result by targeting more than just the skin and pulling it taut. This type of facelift helps to lift and correct the muscles underneath, to help you receive a truly remarkable result.

Women in their 60s and 70s

We believe age can be beautiful. Facelifts can also help women who want to reverse extreme sagging, wrinkles, facial slimming, and have noticed their features beginning to droop in response to gravity and loss of skin laxity. For these patients, we recommend a more comprehensive facelift technique known as a Natural Facelift. It’s important to remember that this procedure should only be performed by an expert facial specialist such as Dr. Sadati.

Dr. Sadati Plastic Surgeon Newport Beach

Why Dr. Sadati Delivers the Best Facelift in Newport Beach

Aesthetically speaking, the male profile varies greatly from a women’s. The “ideal” facial contour for men often leans towards a more chiseled look, with sharp lines and taut skin.

  • Dr. Sadati developed a unique facelift technique that tightens facial muscles, called Triple Layered SMAS Plication.
  • He has been published in several official scientific plastic surgery journals as an authority on cosmetic facial surgery. 
  • He is regularly invited to national and international conferences on plastic surgery to present his techniques. 
  • Plastic surgeons from all over the world travel to observe and learn from his surgical techniques.
  • He has performed over 5,000 facelift surgeries using local anesthesia and twilight sedation without the need for general anesthesia.
  • He is a classically trained painter and sculptor equipped with an artistic eye for aesthetic details.
  • People from all over the world travel to Newport Beach Orange County to receive their facelift with Dr. Sadati.
  • His State of Art facility is specifically designed for facial rejuvenation surgeries.

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