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Brow Lift in Newport Beach, CA

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As most people age, the first locations on their faces to feel the effects of sagging skin are the forehead and brow area. This skin starts to slowly become less firm, which leads to drooping. This can have a cascading affect on a person’s eyelids and the skin under the eyes as well and cause them to hang lower as a result. This is where our Newport Beach brow lift can really shine, as it reverses the sagging skin affect.

As the eyelids start to sag, most people will compensate for the slight blockage this causes to their vision by raising their eyebrows or wrinkling their forehead to stretch the skin back slightly. While this does help to correct for their sight being blocked, it can cause larger wrinkles to appear on their forehead over time. In addition to the drooping skin affecting a patient’s vision, it tends to make them look older and may leave them with a tired appearance.

Even though these visual cues may be slight, it’s something that others may notice and can affect a person’s self-esteem. There are a range of simple procedures, generally called a brow and forehead lift, that can help alleviate these concerns and remove wrinkles from a forehead or loose skin around the eyes. These treatments are simple and relatively painless with a quick recovery time.


There are several techniques that can be considered during a brow lift procedure. Some of the approaches are interchangeable with a forehead lift but may be used to achieve different objectives. During your initial consultation at the Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Sadati will discuss the technique that is ideal for your specific condition.


Also known as a direct brow lift, this approach places the incision in the natural crease of the upper eyelid. Depending on the structure of the brow, an incision can also be made at the brow hairline.

Weak or sagging skin will be lifted and reattached to the brow bone. This approach does not affect the forehead and works to treat a sagging eyebrow and eyelid.


This approach provides a subtle change in the position of the eyebrows.

It uses several small (1-inch or smaller) incisions near the hairline of the forehead where an endoscope (specialized camera) is placed, and surgical tools are used to elevate the eyebrows. The stitches are located inside the incision to help minimize scarring. While this technique is a common approach, sometimes the results can be unpredictable.


This approach places the incision lines several inches above the hairline of the head. These incisions are typically long but still hidden by your hair.

This technique repositions the eyebrows by pulling them up to offer you an alert and revitalized appearance. Sometimes hair will need to be removed during the incision closure process where the skin is reattached. This particular approach offers dramatic results, and in most cases repositions the hairline to a higher position.


The length of your incisions is determined by your anatomy, the placement of your hairline, the amount of excess tissue, and the degree of sagging. In some cases, Dr. Sadati can make several small incisions near your hairline and use an endoscope (a small tube with a camera on the end) to perform your brow lift.

Dr. Sadati may also choose to perform a temporal brow lift. In this case, incisions are about one inch long and are made above your temple and behind your hairline. For patients with more extensive sagging – or who have hair that can cover their incisions – Dr. Sadati may use a coronal incision. This incision is placed from ear to ear along the hairline. A coronal incision gives Dr. Sadati the best visibility and the most options for repairing and lifting your forehead. Once the incisions are made, Dr. Sadati will lift your forehead by removing excess tissue, tightening underlying muscles, and re-draping the skin.

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Your incisions will be closed using fine sutures. A gauze bandage dressing is applied to protect your sutures. Dr. Sadati may also place a compression headband around your forehead to aid healing. The day after your brow lift, you will return to our Orange County office to have your dressing removed. You’ll be instructed to wear a light elastic wrap (provided by our office) for 48 hours. Any discoloration, swelling or tenderness around the incisions should subside within a week. Non-absorbable sutures will be removed the week after surgery.

profile of brow lift patient model with her finger under her chin


This will be discussed in detail during your initial consultation. Many times, the effects of aging take place in the forehead region alone. If wrinkles, loose skin, and sagging eyebrows exist on the forehead, then a brow lift or forehead lift may be sufficient. For drooping jowls and wrinkles along the lower area of the face, then another procedure such as a traditional facelift may be worth considering. Sometimes these procedures can be combined for maximum results.

While the results of a brow lift produce a more awake and alert appearance, the results are often subtle. Dr. Sadati will carefully work within your unique bone structure to create natural-looking results to avoid a wide-eyed or hyper-alert appearance.

BOTOX® is a great non-surgical option that can improve the wrinkles and fine lines of the forehead. It will lift the forehead and improve sagging and drooping features if they exist. If you are contemplating surgery, you may want to try BOTOX first and see if the results satisfy your aesthetic goals. If BOTOX® is ineffective, then a brow lift will probably help in this area.

The incisions made during a brow lift procedure are usually well concealed once they heal. Whether they are placed in the hairline or brow line, every effort is made to keep the incisions along natural folds and hairlines so they are not visible after surgery.

You should be able to return to normal daily activities after one week. You need to avoid activities that will force blood to your face – such as heavy lifting and vigorous exercise – for several weeks. It may take up to three months for swelling to subside and for the final results of your brow lift to be totally visible.

Once healing is complete, patients are often surprised to notice that they look happier, younger, and friendlier – even though that was the purpose of the brow lift! It is not until they see the “after” photos that they realize the true impact of brow lift surgery. To maintain a youthful appearance, we advise all patients who’ve had a brow lift to avoid the sun as much as possible and to wear sunscreen when going outdoors.

Brow lift surgery is very safe, especially when performed by an experienced, board-certified facial plastic surgeon such as Dr. Sadati. Risks include bleeding, infection, scarring, and hair loss around the incisions. You can reduce your risks by providing a thorough medical history, as well as carefully following Dr. Sadati’s instructions before and after your surgery.

Unless your brows are sagging enough to interfere with your vision, a brow lift is considered to be cosmetic surgery and is not covered by medical insurance. During your consultation for a brow lift Newport Beach facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Kevin Sadati, can go over this and any other question you have. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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