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Deep Plane Facelift Gallery Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach | Patient 03

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This lady's transformation is stunning. The preservation deep plane facelift and neck lift, temporal brow lift, lower eyelid surgery, and TCA skin peel worked together harmoniously to revitalize her appearance. The deep plane face and neck lift, in particular, provided significant improvement in the laxity of her face and neck. The temporal brow lift addressed her hooded brows, and the lower eyelid surgery effectively reduced puffiness under her eyes. The TCA peel further enhanced the results by smoothing and rejuvenating her skin. Dr. Sadati's comprehensive approach not only reversed the signs of aging but also highlighted her natural beauty and radiance. Her joy and satisfaction with the outcome are evident, and it's no surprise considering the incredible transformation that took years off her appearance. This is a true testament to the power of personalized cosmetic procedures when expertly performed.

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