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What Is The Best Facelift Option For A 40-Year Old?

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While being in your 40s is hardly over the hill, facial rejuvenation and removing the visible signs of aging is on the rise even for people in this decade. More and more candidates in their 40s are no longer relying on their dermal filler and BOTOX routine to achieve a younger look and many are going straight to the longer lasting solution of a facelift. A radical choice of change but one that seems to be the frontrunner of choice for middle-aged individuals, a cosmetic facelift is no longer reserved for those in their 60s and 70s. With new advances in surgical and medical technology, there are different facelift options available now to give patients more than one way to stave off the signs of aging, even in their 40s.

Dr. Kevin Sadati is a board-certified plastic surgeon and one of the leading cosmetic experts in the Orange County/LA area. His excellent surgical skills and studied artistic background as a sculptor and painter allows him to give his 40-something patients the natural-looking results they want while helping them rewind time. So, what is the best facelift option if you are in your 40s?

“40-something” benefits for a facelift

Typically when patients wait to have a facelift procedure done in their 60s or 70s the building blocks of their face have dramatically changed. Their skin has lost a lot of elasticity and is less likely to fully spring back so thus they can still have some “droop” or sag post surgery due to being more mature. Most candidates in their 40s considering a facelift still have some skin laxity and decent underlying tissues to still work with compared to older patients. Women and men in Orange County considering facial rejuvenation with a facelift in their 40s can enjoy the perks of having good skin quality still to work with as well as longer lasting results.

Warning signs of 40

As women and men enter into their 40s, different aspects about their bodies begin to change. For women heading into the premenopausal decade, their skin laxity and collagen production starts to take a nosedive. This causes a break down in the skin, especially in the lower jowl area, as it begins to look thinner and “deflated”. Lines or fine wrinkles begin to take visible notice and the underlying foundation of the face and neck starts to change. A good barometer is if there is a pinchable centimeter of skin in the jowl, nasolabial folds (around the nose/mouth) or neck area then skin has lost elasticity. Newport Beach facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Sadati, can help determine if you are a good candidate for a facelift in your 40s and which one may be the right solution for you.

Looking more like your 30’s again...

Most Orange County men and women fighting the signs of aging as they enter into their 40s have turned to injectables, laser treatments, or other non-invasive options to get help. While these options can give patients a fresh, new look to their appearance, without surgery, most patients claim they looked 5 years younger but after a facelift feel they look a decade younger! But a facelift for patients in their 40s is different than what older patients may need. 40-year-olds have less excess skin that needs tightening or less volume loss in the cheek area so a full facelift is not necessary. So let's take a look at the options that patients of Orange County in their 40's are turning to:

  • Mini Facelift: This is a popular option for those in their 40s, which is less invasive due to smaller incisions. A mini facelift can still target the SMAS muscle, but just on a smaller scale. This is the area that causes the early jowl sagging or changes to the skin under the jawline or neck area, as well as loose skin around the cheek area. These are typical areas where patients in their 40s start to see changes in their appearance. A mini facelift is an excellent option to get a little lift and help to tighten the lower face area but still allow patients a quicker, easier recovery.
  • Mid-face Lift: This targets the midline of the face around the eyes, nose, mouth (nasolabial folds), and cheek area. It is common for individuals in their 40s to start seeing the signs of loose, sagging skin and the appearance of wrinkles or creases taking in the middle portion of their face. Small incisions can be made just outside the cheek area to attain a subtle lift to help smooth “laugh or smile lines” as well skin that has lost some of its laxity in the cheek area. An eyelid lift or blepharoplasty can also be done in conjunction with this facelift to reduce puffiness or “bags” under the eyes as well as eliminate fine lines around the eyes. An eyelid lift is considering one of the most dramatic changes to help make a patient look younger.
  • Lower Facelift and Necklift: If a patient in their 40s is experiencing drooping cheeks or loose skin as well as sagging skin in their jawline or under their chin then a lower facelift and neck lift can give a patient a natural-looking boost to their appearance. Many times, loose skin in the neck area has to do with genetics, more so than age.

Previous generations typically opted to grow old “gracefully” then decided at 60 or 70 to turn back time and get a facelift. Then the introduction of dermal fillers and BOTOX became the injectable wave of non-invasive answers to those trying to reboot their appearance but forgo surgery. Now the under 50 group is tired of their routine office visits and are wanting a more permanent solution with a facelift to combat the signs of aging earlier, as they leave their 30s behind. Longer lasting results that can take a decade off their appearance is what 40-something patients are turning to now more than ever.

Dr. Kevin Sadati is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has helped countless patients in the Orange County/LA area get amazing, natural-looking results. With his surgical experience and extensive medical background, as well as being voted “Best Cosmetic Surgeon” in Orange County for 3 years in a row, Dr. Sadati uses his medical and artistic talent to create and give patients a fresh, new look so they can look as young as they feel! If you are in your 40s and considering a cosmetic facial procedure, call or schedule your plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Sadati today.

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