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The Ins and Outs of Getting “Fox Eyes” With Surgery

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Close up of woman's eye

The fox eye is currently trending, with celebrities from Kendall Jenner to Megan Fox batting their almond-shaped eyes. Now, regular people are signing up for surgery to get that coveted upward slant at the corner of their eyes, too.

What Is Fox-Eye Surgery?

A canthoplasty, also known as cat-eye, fox-eye, or almond-eye procedure, is a plastic surgery that lifts and repositions the corner of the eye (lateral canthus). It can correct drooping lower eyelids or reshape eyes that are more round than almond-shaped. This surgery falls under the category of blepharoplasty, also known as an eyelid lift.

What Is An Eye Lift?

An upper eyelift (blepharoplasty) is a procedure that removes excess skin and fat from the top eyelid. A blepharoplasty is helpful for mature eyes that have become hooded. Sometimes extra skin hangs down far enough to make it difficult to see. Other times, a patient’s vision is not affected. Still, they elect to have blepharoplasty to regain a more youthful look.

Can Fox-Eye Surgery Be Combined With Blepharoplasty?

Canthoplasty is often done at the same time as blepharoplasty. This is because the incision marks are similar. So, removing excess skin or fat (blepharoplasty) and lifting the outer corners of the eye (canthoplasty) is easily combined into one surgery.

What Kind Of Anesthesia Do You Need?

Dr. Sadati is a firm believer in the “less is more” aspect of anesthesia. He performs his eye lift procedures in-office under local anesthesia with twilight sedation. Dr. Sedati numbs the area he works on so the patient feels zero pain. In addition, he uses twilight sedation to put them into a light sleep to help reduce their anxiety. This combination is just as effective as general anesthesia but more gentle.

The Advantage Of Local Anesthesia With Twilight Sedation

Patients under local anesthesia with twilight sedation don’t need to be intubated. They can breathe on their own, which is a gentler alternative for the patient. It also means the patient wakes up and recovers faster than they would if they went all the way under general anesthesia.

Recovery After Surgery

You can expect to wake up quickly after surgery. Eyelid surgery offers a relatively easy recovery, with mild to moderate pain only lasting about one day. Remember that because the eye area is bandaged, vision is limited for about one week after surgery. Patients need to keep their heads elevated during the first week of recovery and avoid exercise and applying makeup. Soreness is common after surgery and can last a week or two. Also, expect some bruising and swelling that can take up to 14 days to subside.

Is Fox Eye Surgery Right For You?

Perhaps you’d like the fox eye lift on its own for strictly cosmetic reasons or to correct drooping lower eyelids. Or maybe you’re already thinking of getting an eyelift to remove sagging skin and excess fat. If so, adding in a fox eye lift could give you that coveted upward slant at the bottom corners of your eyes. Either way, Dr. Sadati can help both men and women achieve the aesthetic result they desire.

Dr. Sadati is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon who has helped countless patients in the Orange County area get amazing, natural-looking eye lift results. He combines his scientific credentials with a background in the arts for truly spectacular results. If you are considering an eye lift procedure, call to schedule your Newport Beach plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Sadati today.

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