Is General Anesthesia Necessary For Liposuction?

Anesthesia plays a very important role in any surgical procedure. The administration of anesthesia is different for every operation and individualized to each patient. Variables include how complex the surgery is, the location of surgery, the surgeon’s preferred technique and the patient’s health history.

Anesthesia blocks the signals of pain that a particular body part will send to the brain, this allows the patient to be comfortable and relaxed for the duration of the procedure.  Anesthesia can keep the patient from experiencing pain related stress, and also can be used to physically and mentally relax a patient.   There are different forms of anesthesia including general, local and twilight sedation.

General anesthesia becomes necessary for more advanced procedures where the patient is required to be completely asleep or sedated. During liposuction general anesthesia is often used, especially on more advanced cases, however it is not required for all liposuction surgeries.  Local anesthetics can be used in some case, during which the patient will be conscious but completely comfortable.

Immediately after surgery, when anesthesia has worn off, the patient is generally left feeling a bit drowsy. This is a small side effect that is subject to subside within a few hours.  Local anesthesia on the other hand allows the patient to return to normal activities in a much shorter amount of time than general anesthesia.  Local anesthesia also has a reduced risk of complications. 

A third form of applied anesthesia is called twilight sedation. During twilight sedation the patient is very relaxed, and in a sleepy state, but still capable of carrying out small tasks asked of them by their doctor. The mild dose of anesthesia used to put the patient in this state reduces the patient’s anxiety, allowing Dr. Kevin Sadati to compete the procedure successfully and the patient to have a more enjoyable experience. 

For the best answers on whether or not a procedure will need anesthesia, what type and how it will be administered, speak with Dr. Sadati and his experienced staff to find out what is best fit to help you achieve you goals and ideal figure.

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