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Does Rhinoplasty Affect The Sense of Smell?

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Are you considering rhinoplasty but have several questions? Have you heard that some patients lose their sense of smell after a nose job? Here is a more in-depth look at this topic from board-certified and award-winning plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Sadati. Every year, men and women travel from all over the United States to visit Dr. Sadati at his practice in Newport Beach, CA. He is a highly regarded and renowned facial plastic surgeon, and has years of extensive surgical experience. Dr. Sadati is here to provide answers to common questions often asked by patients considering rhinoplasty Schedule an in-person or online consultation by calling our Southern California office today.

Will my sense of smell be altered by rhinoplasty?

It isn't uncommon for patients to be concerned about their sense of smell and taste after a nose job. Nasal swelling will temporarily block airflow passageways in the nasal structure, restricting the ability to smell. As a result, a patient's ability to taste will also be affected. As post-surgical inflammation gradually dissipates, the nasal sensory perception improves, and tastes and smells will become more defined again. It generally takes about 3 – 6 weeks to return fully, and, in some cases, patients report an improvement as causes of airway obstruction were addressed during the procedure. It is an exceptionally rare occurrence for patients to experience a long-term loss of their sense of smell or damage to their olfactory nerve. These rhinoplasty side effects can be avoided by ensuring the procedure is performed by an experienced facial plastic surgeon, like Dr. Sadati.

What are other symptoms during rhinoplasty recovery?

The best way patients can have an easier rhinoplasty recovery is to go into surgery as healthy as possible. Patients who get enough rest, maintain a healthy diet, and do not smoke before undergoing a nose job will help their bodies heal faster. Another way to navigate a smoother recovery is to follow any post-operative instructions provided by Dr. Sadati. These guidelines are designed to help patients achieve excellent results and minimize possible side effects after surgery, which should gradually subside in about 3 – 4 days after the procedure. Some other common symptoms patients experience during rhinoplasty recovery, besides a temporary loss of their olfactory senses, are:

  • Swelling and stuffiness in the nose
  • Nausea
  • Mild to moderate pain
  • Numbness on and around the nose area
  • Bruising

Get fantastic results with rhinoplasty in Orange County

Is there an aspect of your nose you would like to change? Do you have difficulty breathing or sleeping comfortably at night? Rhinoplasty is a balancing act, as a plastic surgeon must make sure the nose still functions properly while achieving a patient's aesthetic goals. Orange County, CA men and women looking to correct a deviated septum, broken nose, or fix a cosmetic imperfection should find an experienced rhinoplasty plastic surgeon, like Dr. Sadati, to perform this delicate, highly complex procedure. Whether you have a medical need or aesthetic reason, structural or cosmetic changes to the nose can provide patients with dramatic results. It is imperative to find a plastic surgeon with a creative touch and the surgical experience necessary to achieve the right outcome.

If you would like to learn more about rhinoplasty, contact our Newport Beach plastic surgery office to schedule a virtual or in-person consultation with award-winning, board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Sadati.

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