Mens Facelift Review and Testimonial for Dr Kevin Sadati*

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Patient Testimonial: I’m afraid it’s a little too late to check in with Ponce de Leon as to the location of the Fountain of Youth. With that said, you’ll achieve much better results, in fact, a superlative experience, by contacting the Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery in Newport Beach, next to Fashion Island, for the incomparable gift of renewed beauty and the confidence and sense of self sure to accompany it. Therein you’ll find T.H.E. MAN, one Dr. Kevin Sadati, whom the Spanish explorer mentioned above should have sought instead, many moons ago. Dr. Sadati might not hold the key to eternal beauty, but he’ll reward you with the most masterful cosmetic work any mortal could dream of receiving, a result which truly can be characterized as art itself. In my own words, allow me to summarize the thoughts that came to mind on a continuous basis to describe Dr. Sadati during my journey through The Gallery for the ultimate honor of cosmetic surgery at his hands, performed on February 5 of this year: Driven, Responsible, Kind, Energetic, Vigorous, Independent, Nurturing, Singularity of attending presence, Absolutely confident in himself and his work, Devoted to the pursuit of perfection, Altruism always exuded by him, Trustworthy to a fault, Ingenuity effortlessly bestowed on the client

Dr Sadati Review & Testimonial

Lest I forget, let me also honor three outstanding, tireless women who help to keep Dr. Sadati’s model office structure, well, exemplary:  Janet Latino is possibly the first employee you’ll encounter when you make an appointment with Dr. Sadati for a consultation or other business.  What can I say about Janet?  She has an uncanny ability to instantly make you feel like a guest in her living room; then she amazes you with her thorough knowledge of all facets of The Gallery.  W.A.G. – W hat  A  G al !!

And if you wish round-the-clock aftercare, she’ll set that up, too, and you’ll have the good fortune to meet either Andrea or Maria...or maybe both!  Words on paper could never adequately describe their selfless contribution in helping you get over the first hurdles of the recuperative process…just amazing.

Maria further reminds me of the “point person” on the surgery side; in other words, the go-to individual, the glue that keeps everything together, running smoothly no matter what might transpire.  If this were pro football, her team, including Janet and Andrea, would be in the Super Bowl every season!

The above nucleus of the Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery team, led peerlessly by The Master, Dr. Kevin Sadati, and surrounded by a staff of equally hard-working professionals, represents your key to a life-changing experience that will reap benefits for years to come.  I can personally attest to the hidden potential waiting for you, women and men alike, if you just give it the chance you may have been pondering for quite some time already, and I whole-heartedly implore my own gender to give it some additional thought!  After all, Ponce de Leon would be proud to recruit more men as well.


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