Mens Facelift to Sharpen the Angular Structure of The Jaw, Neck and Chin.*

Procedure Details

This active patient was looking to refresh his look, as he felt he looked older than his 70 years. His once defined jaw line was now showing excess skin laxity, and he had that tired look. Dr. Kevin Sadati was able to perform a Natural Facelift, in-office, using local anesthesia and oral sedation. General anesthesia was not necessary, thus reducing downtime and discomfort. The patient was able to achieve the rejuvenated look he was hoping for without the long recovery period. He was back to his normal activities within a week of surgery. A natural facelift is no longer the fashionable procedure for women. Many men are now taking into consideration the benefits of a natural facelift as well as other facial cosmetic procedures to have a refreshed look. The appearance of fresh and sharp angular contours leads to a well-rested, and relaxed appearance. This also translates to a more youthful appearance. The procedure of a lower facelift and neck lift in men is basically the same as in women, but the approach is tailored to highlight and sharpen the angular structures of the jaw, neck, and chin, with less emphasis on crows' feet lines, cheekbones. Since the incision lines are different for men, Dr. Sadati places the sutures under the skin so they are not visible and will not create suture tracks.

Newport Beach Facelift for Men

Many men take advantage of this safe and effective procedure to improve their look as well. The doctor modifies the procedure for men, making incisions at different places on the face and neck and re-draping skin to best highlight the angular structures of men's necks, chins, and jaws. Dr. Sadati places skin sutures under the skin on men to achieve favorable results ideal for men.

A Natural Mini Facelift can make a person look up to 10 years younger. Results in terms of how long before signs of aging are again visible vary by individual. 


Dr. Kevin Sadati

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