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After consulting with plastic surgeons throughout Southern California, this patient decided that Dr. Sadati had the best surgical experience in the area. She arrived for her consultation with a list of questions and was hoping that a combination of procedures would help her look more toned, youthful, and rejuvenated. Since part of her face looked a bit gaunt and hollow, Dr. Sadati recommended combining fat grafting with a natural facelift. He removed some of the patient’s own fat from another part of her body and injected it into the hollow areas after it had been carefully filtered. This minimally invasive procedure also used her own platelet rich plasma (PRP), which has been shown to last longer than artificial fillers. When combined with a natural facelift and surgery on both her upper and lower eyelids, Dr. Sadati was able to give her face more volume and a naturally toned effect. She had fat removed from her neck via neck liposuction, and then Dr. Sadati performed a neck lift, which left her looking more sculpted and defined. After her recovery, she looked 10 years younger and immediately added her own testimonial to Dr. Sadati’s ever-growing 5-star list.


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