Orange County Facelift incorporating a Lower Blepharoplasty & Under Eye Laser*

Procedure Details

This lovely patient met with Dr. Sadati after carefully reviewing his track record. The fact that he had performed over 3,000 face and neck lifts and had more than 500 5-star reviews from satisfied patients helped her decide to meet with him. When Dr. Sadati asked about her goals, she said she wanted to look like a younger version of herself. She didn’t want any major changes but felt her neck bands made her look old; her eyelids looked heavy, and she just didn’t think her outside matched her inside. On the day of her surgery, Dr. Sadati performed multiple procedures. To reduce the appearance of her neck bands, he performed a neck lift. During her blepharoplasty, he removed excess skin from her lower eyelid by making a tiny incision in the natural crease, so she wouldn’t have a visible scar. He completed her facial rejuvenation by reinforcing the muscles in her face, which restored its lifted appearance, and he used a CO2 laser Resurfacing to increase collagen production and improve the texture of her under eye area. When she returned for her follow-up appointment, her enthusiasm was perfectly clear. “You’re the best cosmetic surgeon, hands down! My old lady neck is gone, and I look 10 years younger,” she said, adding, “No one believes I’m over 60. I wish I had done this years ago.” 

Orange County Eyelid Surgery

As most people get older, their skin loses some of its flexibility and starts to sag and droop somewhat. When this happens to the skin of the face, it can immediately change a person’s appearance and is one of the first things that others may notice about you. This change is particularly apparent with your eyes and eyelids as this is often the place that most people will focus on when talking to you.

As the skin at the edge of your eyelids starts to sag, it can give you a tired appearance and may even cause the skin below your eyes to swell somewhat to make it appear as if the skin is bulging under your eyes. There is also a layer of natural fat that is located below the skin of the eyelids and as this skin ages it is less able to support this layer, which can start to sag. All of these concerns are easily addressed through a variety of eyelid surgery procedures that can reverse the natural aging process.


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