Natural Facelift, Fat Grafting & PRP with an Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty*

Procedure Details

As we age, our skin loses elasticity. That elasticity makes our face look firm and prevents our skin from wrinkling. For this patient, her facial wrinkles made her feel as though her face was becoming too round and that she had a “pulled down” appearance. She met with Dr. Sadati to discuss how to “turn back the clock.” He felt that she would benefit from both a neck lift and a face lift, but she was worried about anesthesia and the complications that come with it. Dr. Sadati explained that she would only need local anesthesia with twilight sedation and would look like a younger version of herself, and he quickly put her fears to rest. On the day of her procedure, she arrived at Dr. Sadati’s Orange County facility and was met by his attentive staff. Dr. Sadati lifted the skin in her neck, restoring its youthful appearance and virtually eliminating her vertical neck bands. He gave her a natural facelift, so she wouldn’t look overdone and reinforced the underlying muscles. In just two hours’ time, her jawline was more visible; her wrinkles were greatly reduced, and she even looked like she’d lost weight. You can see in her “after” pictures how happy she was with the results, and she thanked Dr. Sadati for his surgical finesse, calling him the best cosmetic surgeon in Laguna Beach.

Newport Beach Facelift Surgeon

There is no magic solution to stop the aging process. Everyone will continue to age after their facelift procedure. However, the aging face is a dynamic process. A well-performed facelift surgery generally erases about 10 years from a patient’s face. Based on Dr. Kevin Sadati’s cosmetic surgery experience, then years after an initial facelift surgery a patient’s face should still have more tone, firmness and a better looking neck than before they underwent the surgery. From person to person, the elements that affect facial aging will vary. Some of these factors are the genetic aging process, the degree of sun exposure and sun protection, smoking, various diseases and medications. Additionally diet, exercise and weight maintenance will also play a significant role in slowing down of the aging process. Remember, with facelift surgery the goal is to look like you, only younger and to continue to take care of yourself from the inside out to help obstruct the facial aging process.


Dr. Kevin Sadati

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