Facial Fat Grafting with Platelet Rich Plasma*

Procedure Details

Dr. Sadati has uses facial fat grafting with his patients to correct a number of facial issues including wrinkles, hallow cheeks or jowls, lip enhancement, nasolabial folds and lower eyelid adjustments. To ensure a high degree of success with the procedure, Dr. Sadati includes the addition of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) when performing the procedure. This material comes from the patient’s own blood, and improves the ability of the grafting to succeed. It also shortens the recovery period needed, and provides for more consistent results over time.

Facial Fat Grafting

It's no big secret that aging takes its toll on a person's face first. Where a person's cheeks were once full and lush and skin silky smooth, after years of wear, tear and sun exposure, the facial shape begins to change. While a facelift may be a solution to helping your face look younger, there is also another, more natural option that may be just right for a patient that is apprehensive about other cosmetic procedures.


Dr. Kevin Sadati helped to pioneer fat grafting, a procedure he has performed often during his time in Orange County. This process is a more natural cosmetic procedure, and it involves removing unwanted fatty tissue from other parts of a patient's body and placing it under the layer of skin on a person's face. This gives the patient that full, youthful appearance that their face once had, while at the same time utilizing a more natural process to achieve this goal.


This technique can help patients in a variety of different ways. It is known to correct many facial issues including lip enhancements, wrinkles, hallow jowls and cheeks and lower eyelid adjustments, among others. To help ensure the procedure's success, Dr. Sadati uses Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, directly from a patient's bloodstream. In addition to helping with the overall success, PRP also helps results stay consistent for a longer period of time, as well as shorten the overall recovery time.


For more information on this procedure and to find out if you are an ideal candidate for it, set up a consultation with Dr. Sadati today. There you will find out more specifics about this natural alternative and the surgeon will be able to answer any follow up questions that you might have about this popular and innovative cosmetic surgery.


Dr. Kevin Sadati

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