Dr. Kevin Sadati


Lower Face and Neck Lift Before and After Testimonial

A traditional facelift is an invasive surgical procedure requiring a lengthy incision along the hairline, beginning near the temples, continuing around the ear and ending near the lower scalp. Performed under general anesthesia and intravenous sedation, it is associated with increased complications, a substantial recovery period and less natural results. For these reasons, Orange County Facelift surgeon Dr. Sadati does not perform traditional facelifts at the Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery. Rather, Dr. Sadati performs the natural facelift, also known as the Double C Plication technique. Newport Beach Facelift surgeon Dr. Sadati developed this approach in response to many of his patients requesting more discreet and natural-looking facelift results than are possible with a traditional facelift. A popular procedure for discerning individuals, natural facelift patients don’t look as though they’ve had work done – they simply appear ten to fifteen years younger.