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Nose Job in Orange County by Newport Beach Rhinoplasty Specialist*

Procedure Details

Many young women feel that their features aren’t balanced. In the case of this young patient, she felt her nose looked too wide, and it was impacting her confidence. She chose Dr. Sadati because of his extensive expertise and his glowing 5-star reviews. During her consultation, she was nervous about the procedure, but when shown her potential results via Dr. Sadati’s advanced digital technology, her fears were put to rest. He explained each part of the surgical process carefully and helped her understand that packing the nose after surgery is no longer part of the process. On the day of her procedure, she was given general anesthesia, and Dr. Sadati reshaped the underlying structure of her nose and redraped the skin for natural looking results with minimal downtime. The surgery took approximately three hours, and she was able to go home to recover comfortably in private. After healing fully, she was beaming with happiness. Her narrower nose looks completely natural as if she was born with it.

Nose Surgery in Orange County

Regardless of your age or gender, whether you live in Orange County or flying from different country– you want to look your very best! Since your nose occupies such a prominent position on your face, an unattractive nose can detract from your lovely eyes or a beautiful smile. The reality is that not liking your nose can make you feel extremely self-conscious.

Many of our patients have been unhappy with their noses since childhood. They view their nose as too big, wide, crooked or pointy. Their feel their nose is out of proportion with the rest of their face. Patients with a large nasal bump, in particular, often feel that their nose makes them look older and unattractive.

Some of our patients have sustained traumatic injury to their nose during sports, accidents or falls. Additionally, patients may have breathing problems caused by a deviated septum or nasal trauma.

Both cosmetic and functional issues can be fixed by rhinoplasty. A skilled facial plastic surgeon can adjust the size, shape and position of your nose – making it more aesthetically pleasing and more functional. Following rhinoplasty you’ll be able to breathe more easily and your nose will be in harmony with the rest of your facial features!


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