Orange County Necklift Video Testimonial

Orange County Necklift Video Testimonial and Results


 Hi, my name is Karen, I'm 48 years old. I had a neck lift with Dr. Sadati two and a half months ago. I found out about Dr. Sadati through a client of mine and also a friend of mine who is a hairstylist in Orange County and has done a lot of women who have come to Dr. Sadati.

I had a neck lift with Dr. Sadati. I came in, scheduled a consultation, he answered all of my questions. At the time I was just exploring the idea of it, and I left feeling more than confident and booked the procedure and moved forward with it. My neck life procedure was pain-free, it was very simple. The recovery time was swift, and I really just relaxed at home for about a week, and I was back to work about six days later. It was a pretty simple procedure. 

I'm very happy with my results of my neck. It probably bothered me worse than anyone else I came in contact with, but I remember I was in France a few months ago with a turtleneck, and I didn't know whether do I tuck my neck in the turtleneck, or it was hanging on the outside, and I was just over the turkey neck thing. So now it's gone, and my jawline is back, and I couldn't be happier.

What I loved about working with Dr. Sadati is he is very patient, and he hears what you're saying, and he answers every question or concern you might have. Like I said, he really gives you the time so that you feel great about the procedure that you're going to have. 

Okay. Since coming to Dr. Sadati, I have referred him to many clients and friends. My niece, who is a college student, had rhinoplasty done about a month ago, and she's thrilled with her results as well. So I definitely recommend him. Oh, and my mother, she's next up. She will be having her lower facelift hopefully in about a month. 

I guess I would just say if there's something about yourself that you are not happy with and it will make you feel better, make the change. I have a lot of people supporting me and some people wondering why I was doing it, but now that I've done it I couldn't be happier.