Orange County Ethnic Rhinoplasty to Reduce Dorsal Hump in Male Patients Nose*

Procedure Details

Newport Beach Rhinoplasty

Ideal candidates for rhinoplasty are males at least 17 years or older, people who are currently discontented with their nose appearance and those seeking health-related improvements such as correcting a deviated nasal septum that causes difficulty breathing. Candidates should be in a good health, both physically and mentally, with realistic expectations. A primary difference between male and female rhinoplasty candidates is that men tend to have thicker skin layers protecting stronger bone and cartilage structures. Male surgeries are usually performed using a technique which retains their masculine looks - characterized by a strong and straight nasal dorsum. Male rhinoplasty procedures that improve and maintain the natural masculine look are done carefully with a conservative approach to ensure that the overall look is coordinated with the rest of the face to achieve a facial harmony. Sometimes Dr. Sadati will recommend the patient combine the nose surgery with a chin implant if he sees that the nose is too pointy and there is evidence of a weak chin.


Hoag Memorial Hospital

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