Dr. Kevin Sadati


Newport Beach Rhinoplasty to Remove Dorsal Hump from Female Patients Nose*


18 - 29

Procedure Details

This patient had been bothered by her nasal hump for several years but was nervous about the procedures involved to reshape her nose. She wanted it to look natural, as if it had always been that way. She reviewed Dr. Sadati’s photo gallery and was impressed with his work. After learning that he was also a sculptor and an ear, nose, and throat specialist (ENT), she felt he had both the skills and the eye for bringing balance to her face. Her “before” pictures show that her nose was making her face looked like it was pulling downward in spite of her young age. Dr. Sadati explained that removing the dorsal hump was a form of sculpting that would require general anesthesia during the procedure. She asked about potential scarring and was very happy to learn that all the incisions would be made inside her nose, so there wouldn’t be any signs that she’d had a nose job. After her recovery, she returned to have her “after pictures taken. Her new nose has a more graceful upturn, and her entire appearance looks balanced and younger. She hugged Dr. Sadati and said, “Thank you for giving me my confidence back. I’ve never felt prettier.”

Dorsal Hump Reduction

One of the most frequent complaints from patients about their appearance is a nasal hump. Therefore, dorsal profile sculpting is a commonly performed procedure. Once the dorsal hump is removed, the nose will have a smooth, more proportional symmetry. Many people feel insecure about their large nasal hump that may make them look older and unattractive. Even a slight hump may make nose look too large for the face. Reshaping a hump involves more than simply shaving down bone. It requires an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon to undertake this complex procedure. 


Hoag Memorial Hospital

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